It’s new, exciting and at times can be a bit overwhelming. It’s your first year, and it helps to have someone you can count on to show you the ropes. We’re here to tell you that we’re here for you.

Welcome to South Forest.

South Forest is a partnership between faculty and Residence Life and Housing designed to support first-year students as you navigate the many opportunities you’ll find here. Much more of a community than a program, South Forest brings first-year students and faculty together to provide a greater understanding of both the University, and each other.

Faculty Fellows are a crucial part of the South Forest experience. These dedicated faculty members are affiliated with each first-year residence hall, and are always up for answering any questions, teaching you a thing or two and helping you have a little fun while you make yourself at home. Not only are they great listeners, they’re living, breathing examples of the extraordinary level of student-faculty engagement that you’ll find in all areas of the Forest.

They’re here to help….and they can’t wait to meet you.

Upcoming Events

Oct 19, 2017: Escape the Museum: Central Africa at Museum of Anthropology

This student-curated interactive exhibit explores the traditional arts of Central African...

Oct 19, 2017: Life After Death: The Day of the Dead in Mexico at Museum of Anthropology

The MOA’s annual exhibit celebrates the unique Mexican observance of the Day of the Dead. The...

Oct 19, 2017: Vienna: A City of Culture and Contrast at Museum of Anthropology

Vienna, Austria, is a renowned icon of world culture, the birthplace of classical music, and a...

Oct 19, 2017: Community in the Age of Riots: Method & Commune at Tribble Hall

From London and Paris to Ferguson and Oakland, we live in a new era of uprisings, protests, and...