20070328johnson9214Johnson Residence Hall, an original Reynolda Campus building, is named for Lois Johnson, Dean of Women from 1942-62. Although known for her numerous and specific rules of conduct, Dean Johnson earned the respect of the students under her direction and received the Medallion of Merit in 1973. The eyes on the seal represent the namesake’s watchful but well-intentioned administration.

Famous Alumni: Musician and singer Roman GianArthur (’10) and two Rhodes Scholars have called Johnson their home hall: Maria Merritt (’87) and Brandon Turner (’12).

Faculty Fellows:

swati-basuSwati Basu (

My name is Swati Basu and I am a Research faculty at the Physics department.  I manage a research lab and conduct research in the area of Biophysics.  My research has involved studying the mechanism of nitrite reduction by heme proteins such as hemoglobin, myoglobin, neuroglobin and cytochrome c and bioavailability of nitric oxide. I am currently involved in various projects which include studying the role of iodides in nitrosamine formation from nitrite in the stomach derived from high nitrate diet, determining factors that might influence blood storage and platelet aggregation and studying the role of nitrogen oxides in human adaptation to high altitude.  I am really excited to be a Faculty Fellow and I am really looking forward to spending the year working with students in Johnson because it gives me the opportunity to have a connection with Wake Forest students in a unique manner.

Al-RivesAl Rives (

My name is Al Rives, and since 2003, I have been one of the teaching faculty in the department of chemistry. In my teaching, I try to identify important topics I didn’t fully understand as an undergrad but could have if the presentation had been different. While this is nice, and may even be an obvious thing to do, my motivation is a little more meaningful when you learn that I am a Wake Forest alumnus (’76). In other words, maybe I missed some things when I was an undergrad here.

My motivation in being a Faculty Fellow is to help you understand some of the benefits Wake Forest and Winston-Salem hold for you, but which you might not discover otherwise. I look forward to getting to know you and to help you find your way through your 1st year.

20130627mitra4807Ananda Mitra (

My name is Ananda Mitra and I am a professor in the Department of Communication, and my courses and research involve the study of new technologies such as social media.  I am really excited to be a Faculty Fellow because I am looking forward to inviting you to Wake Forest and learning more about you and your interests.