20050406C_babcock7044Opened in 1961, Babcock Residence Hall is one of several standing tributes to the generosity and impact of the Reynolds family. It is named for Mary Reynolds Babcock, wife of Charles Henry Babcock and daughter of Richard Joshua Reynolds. With her husband, Mrs. Babcock donated more than 300 acres that became the modern campus of Wake Forest University. In 1959, six years after her death, the foundation created in her memory donated $50,000 that went toward the dorm’s construction costs. The bee and flower icons on the dorm’s seal are emblematic of Mrs. Babcock’s devotion to gardening.

Famous Alumni: The list includes Olympic Gold medalist and NBA All-Star Most Valuable Player Chris Paul (’07), Olympic triathlete Greg Billington (’11) and Jane Cage (’78),  the nationally acclaimed organizer of rebuilding efforts in Joplin, Mo., following a May 2011 tornado.

Faculty Fellows:


Terry Blumenthal (

I am Terry Blumenthal, a Professor of Psychology, now in my 26th year at Wake Forest. I came to Wake Forest after teaching at both a smaller and a larger school, and I appreciate the fact that Wake Forest is both large and small at the same time. My teaching deals with the nervous system, drugs, neurological disorders, and those underlying systems that make life possible and interesting. My research measures a brainstem reflex called the startle response, as a way to investigate cognition, personality, perception, drug effects, and many other issues. I am a walker, a reader, and a Canadian, and I used to be a farmer, a truck driver, a quadriplegic, and a bass player. I recommend that you don’t limit yourself to being one thing just yet, and Wake Forest is a great place to try on different potential selves. I look forward to hearing who you used to be and who you hope to become.

20091201gladding5348Sam Gladding (

Hi! I am Sam Gladding, a professor in the Department of Counseling, in nearby Tribble Hall. I am a Double Deacon with two degrees from Wake Forest. My scholarship is focused on the uses of the creative arts in mental health as well as family therapy and group counseling. I am pleased to be a Faculty Fellow because I like working with first year students; I even teach First Year Seminars — just not this year. I want to help you find fulfilling ways to connect with campus organizations and with others so you enjoy Wake Forest in your own unique and productive ways. This is a great university and I look forward to assisting you in making it yours in positive and growth enhancing ways.

20111104harriger0047Katy Harriger (

My name is Katy Harriger and I am a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Politics and International Affairs.  I teach courses in American Politics and Constitutional Law and I’ve been at Wake Forest since 1985, serving as a lower-division faculty adviser for almost all of those years.  My experience as a faculty adviser and teacher contributed to my desire to be a Faculty Fellow, because I’ve come to realize that too often faculty and students tend to see each other in only one role.  So much more is going on with both of us than what we see in the classroom and I look forward to spending the year in Babcock bridging that gap.